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Heirloom Tomato Seeds - Diversity of Tomatoes in a Pot!Rescuing old tomato seed varieties is a passion and specialty of the Victory Seed Company.  Although there are a lot of people selling tomato seeds on the internet these days - from home gardeners on auction sites to multinational seed companies - we are a bit different.

For one thing, we do not buy our seed stock from mainstream seed industry suppliers.  We grow nearly 100% of the tomato seeds that we sell.

Secondly, we obtain our foundation seeds from governmental seed banks, private collections and family submissions.  These seeds are grown out to document their characteristic traits as well as to verify varietal accuracy.  Utilizing our extensive collection of  historical horticultural documentation1, we research individual tomato histories and work to ensure that what we sell is accurate when compared to the historical record.  We work hard at providing the best and most accurate tomato seed available.

Additionally, our emphasis is on rediscovering and reintroducing rare, interesting tomato varieties whose lineages include family heirlooms as well as old commercially released varieties (commercial heirlooms).  Many of these tomato seeds are no longer available elsewhere.

Although we maintain hundreds of varieties of tomatoes in our seed collection, not all are offered every year.  Please use the links in the left column to view what we currently have available for your gardening needs.  Your orders directly support our preservation work and the development of the horticultural library.

Useful Tomato Informational Links Looking for heirloom tomato plants?  These growers use Victory Seeds.

For More Information About A. W. Livingston

Livingston and the Tomato"Livingston and the Tomato"
by A. W. Livingston with a forward by Andrew F. Smith

First published in 1893, Livingston and the Tomato contains both descriptions and drawings of the tomato varieties he introduced. The book features over sixty tomato recipes, including ones for slicing, frying, escalloping, baking, and broiling tomatoes; as well as for tomato toast, custard, soup, pie, preserves, figs, jam, butter, salad, sauce, and omelets.

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  1. The Victory Horticultural Library is funded by, and a not-for-profit extension of, the Victory Seed Company.  Additional support is provided by individuals in the forms of monetary and documentary donations - including complete personal library collections.


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