Heirloom Tomato Seeds - Diversity of Tomatoes in a Pot!Rescuing tomato seed varieties from extinction is a life-long passion of ours here at  Dunton Family Farms. Although there are a lot seed sources these days from amateur gardeners to multinational corporations we are a bit different.

The emphasis of our mission is on rediscovering and reintroducing historically interesting, rare and endangered tomato varieties. This work includes family heirloom varieties, as well as old commercially released varieties (commercial heirlooms) that are no longer commercially available.

Our foundation seeds are procured from reliable sources including governmental seed banks, private collections, and submissions from families.

Samples are then grown out to document their characteristic traits. Then, utilizing our extensive collection of historical horticultural documentation,[1] we research variety's history and work to ensure that what we offer is accurate when compared to the historical record. We work hard at providing the highest quality and most accurate tomato seed available.

Although we maintain thousands of varieties of tomatoes in our seed collection, not all are offered every year.

Some of our varieties are made available through the Seed Savers Exchange (OR DU M), but all are offered for sale through the Victory Seed Company.

Tomatoes of A. W. Livingston

A Unique Collection

A. W. Livingston Tomatoes

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Offering a unique selection of heirloom vegetable seeds, the Victory Seed Company works to keep rare varieties available to gardeners.


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